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Billy Burchard
Fast Management
Our Freight Management services are designed to supplement or work with your traffic, logistics, sales, purchasing, and materials management departments. We design, monitor, and manage systems that focus on improving efficiencies and controlling costs.

As a non-asset based transportation company, the concept of “core competencies” is at the heart of all of our services. There are many functions within a company that can be done more efficiently by someone who is an expert in that field. We understand that by contracting with the finest carrier fleets in the country, we can provide an impressive menu of equipment, rate and service options that we would not enjoy as an asset based, equipment laden corporation. Our expertise and knowledge of the marketplace combined with a carrier base of over 1000 contracted carriers and well over 100,000 pieces of equipment, provides a formidable base for all Fast Forwarding customers. Our strength is in our knowledge, experience, and expertise in Distribution Systems. These strengths combined with a diligent auditing staff and advanced technology provide efficiencies that most corporations can not provide internally.

Our Freight Management services extend well outside of the simple concept of getting the freight moved as efficiently as possible. The following services are also available:
  • Freight Rate Negotiations
  • On-Line Bill of Lading Entry
  • On-Line Tracing and Inventory Control
  • Complete Reporting and Department Coding
  • Freight Bill Auditing
  • In-house management staffing
We can design programs to manage your complete transportation and logistic requirements or we can provide expertise to fine tune portions of your operation.

We will provide a free audit of your distribution system by analyzing a period of freight bill activity. This audit will specify areas of excessive payments, provide samples of reporting, and itemize an estimate of annual cost reduction. There is no cost for this initial audit