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Our Services
Fast Forwarding is structured and founded on the simple idea that people are paying too much for critical shipments and getting too little in the way of customer service. We target the air/expedited/critical market because there is a demand for a reliable, service-focused, and inexpensive alternative to air. Our growth is a direct result of this commitment.

Rule #1: Be on time
Zero tolerance: 100% on time commitment.
Rule #2: Communicate
We provide the customer with up to the minute location 24 hours per day/365 days per year via satellite, cell phone and/or GPS communications. If there are any delays, we inform you immediately. Upon delivery, a signed proof of delivery (POD) is available.
Rule #3: Save the customer money
Fast Forwarding will only fly those shipments that cannot move economically via surface. In light of the enhanced security issues at the airports, flying product has become more costly and less predictable.

Alternatively, we put two drivers in state of the art equipment and run them direct from your door to the customer’s door. By not flying the product, there are no delays due to terminal relays, re-handling or bumped flights.

Fast Forwarding has the best expedited rates available. We welcome comparative pricing and can provide rate quotes 24 hours per day.

Fast Forwarding is a non-asset based Freight Forwarder with over 1000 carrier fleets under contract. This provides Fast with over 100,000 pieces of equipment each day throughout the US and Canada.

All fleets must meet a series of strict requirements (insurance, contractual, operational and performance) that our monitored by our compliance department. Only the finest fleets maintain approval status within our data base.

This data base allows Fast to react quickly to provide a vast menu of equipment, rate and service options throughout the US and Canada every day. This includes:
  • High Cube Air Ride Logistics Trailers
  • Refrigerated/Temperature Controlled Trailers
  • Driver Team Operations
  • Lift Gate & Inside Delivery services
Specialized Equipment Options Include
  • Flatbeds
  • Lowboys and Single drops
  • Double drops & Goosenecks
  • Tankers and Bulk Containers
  • Over dimensional Permitting
  • Rigging
As a licensed Freight Forwarder, Fast Forwarding provides legal protections (insurance, liability, and bankruptcy protections) not provided by other third party entities such as Brokers, Shipper Agents, and 3PL Consulting Groups.

Protect yourself and your company from legal exposures that can cripple your logistics department.
Service Area
Loading 7 days per week from and to all points in the US and Canada.
Transit Times
Shipments can be delivered as quickly as next day to points as far as 1,400 miles from shipper to consignee. Just three days from coast to coast! Driver teams combined with direct delivery equals the fastest LTL operation available.
Fast Forwarding’s rate programs are based on a space/distance formula. These rates continuously beat the most aggressive common carrier discount programs. Fixed rates and our specialty, spot rates, are available on all lanes

Specialized Services Available on all LTL shipments:
  • Direct Load to Destination(no re-handling or stacking)
  • Driver Teams
  • Air Ride Equipment/Blanket Wrap
  • Inside delivery/Lift gate services
  • Climate control (refrigeration or protect from freezing)
  • 24 hour tracing capability
  • Proof of delivery at time of delivery

Call 800-459-3278

Courier Services

Fast Forwarding also provides courier service for same day and local shipments throughout New England. These services are offered 24 hours a day 365 days per year
Types of delivery:
  • Bike Messengers
  • Cargo Vans
  • Lift-Gate equipped 24 ft straight trucks
  • 53 ft Tractor Trailers
The trucks are equipped with GPS systems and all driver/couriers carry cellular phones/two way radios.

Private Fleet Management

Are you trying to manage a local fleet of drivers and equipment? This subjects your company to insurance liabilities, driver retention problems and equipment repair headaches. We can do it all for you. Focus on your core capabilities we do the rest:
  • Respond to fluctuations in demand
  • Have a dedicated fleet at your command without the headaches
  • Have a fleet painted with your logo and advertisements
Immediate response same day
trucking/courier services
Intermodal Rail services are available throughout North America. These services provide the greatest rate savings on truckload shipments and are an efficient alternative to over the road truck services.

Piggyback Services
This operation is based on the simple notion of taking a 48 or 53 ft trailer and loading or piggybacking that unit on top of a rail flatcar. The trailers are lifted on and off these rail cars and the actual shipment is picked up and delivered with a regular tractor trailer. These shipments sometimes require additional packaging support and the transit times can be slower that over the road transportation, however, the savings can be outstanding-particularly on coast to coast shipments.

Double Stack Container Services
20, 40, 48 and 53 ft containers are loaded from the Far East onto ships bound for the US. These containers are then unloaded on the West Coast onto rail cars that transport these containers and products throughout the US and Canada. The double stack phrase derives from the railroads ability to stack two of these containers on a low riding rail car and clear normal bridge heights. The Shipping Lines need these containers back on the West Coast and provide the Railroads with incentives to return them to their ships. This translates into great savings for those shippers moving products to California, Oregon, Washington and BC.

Call us at (800) 459-3278 for rate quotes